Hi there

This is the personal and a e s t h i c webzone for spiritcomputer, otherwise known as Liz. I do a lot of different things like Stream on Twitch, Post videos on YouTube, Tweet on Twitter, Run a creative network called Night Valley Productions, Host a podcast on Star Trek, Draw some art, and of course other things. I also really, really, really love lizards.

Night Valley

Some projects on Night Valley that I work on are Night Ride, Night Ride: PreShow, Night Ride: Secret Transmissions, Hijacked, ArcadeCinema, Night Showcase, Always On., CGShowcase, and some others unannounced or unfinished shows. A lot of crazy things!


I'm a host on a Star Trek focused podcast now called Strange Trek! The podcast is a highlight of the weirdest and funniest episodes of Star Trek as a whole (There's a lot of them). The other host is my good friend Duke and it's a good time. It's on all major podcast platforms but you can also find it here!

YouTube and Twitch

My YouTube channel is really just whatever I feel like. Mostly just things I find interesting, which usually ends up being weird things. My Twitch is me doing a lot of speedrunning and playing the really random games I enjoy. A lot of RPGS and rogue-likes.

I'm gay af.

She/Her. Ace. Trans. Sapphic.